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Private pool

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Private Pool with grill area

The private pool and the grill area make it a prefect venue for your gathering:

Have a birthday party or prepare a night to say goodbye to the groom's bachelorhood in style.

The pool offers a wide selection of ideas for your group or family.

How about a theme called Shark Attack - Cue the dramatic music … duunum … duunum…

Create fun waterproof shark fin hats for kids to wear in the pool as they play a shark-themed water version of musical chairs

Just be Beachy - Set out tiki torches at our grill to help set the tone, pull out the cold beers and do the perfect bbq, on your own in your private pool area.

Event services

Along with our accommodation we are glad to offer also other services as we are very familiarized in Dubrovnik exclusive tours, trips, services, transfers, excursions, rent-a-car or yachts. We are available to arrange your sightseeing, all itineraries start from your doorstep.

Child friendly

Don’t forget your children at home!

Villa Avantgarde loves to have children on our pool, all on your own risk 😊. Keep an eye on them. Maybe, in case of a bigger pool party – we offer babysitting services for the families. Also, we have child amenities to serve their special needs: baby cot, high chairs, kitchen facilities for babies. Our child-friendly pool makes a perfect choice for parents.